How to start a fellowship group

    It is not difficult to start a fellowship group in the Public Service. There are many styles to choose from as well as many times and places to meet. Most PSCF groups meet during the noon hour. The basic ingredients are two or more committed Christians willing to commit one hour or less a week to come together to share their thoughts and experiences on the Word of God and life in general. A person with a knowledge of the bible is important to give direction and to be a resource.

    The style and location of the weekly gathering should be agreed to from the outset. Most meetings are held in rooms at the place of work, but some are held in nearby churches. Some groups encourage members to bring lunch and some groups meet for breakfast before work.

    Prayer is an important part of each group and a time of prayer is set aside each week where members pray for the group, the public service in general, the nation and other special needs. Prayer is also helpful in starting a group. The focus of the fellowship groups is the Word of God rather than doctrine or denominational issues. The Word unites all Christians and is at the heart of each group.

    Most groups involve a mutual sharing by members as opposed to teaching by one member. A passage of scripture is usually selected ahead of time to allow members to read and consider it. The passage is read again at the beginning of the meeting and members are asked to share their thoughts and experiences. Fellowship groups present a good opportunity to witness to what Christ is doing in the lives of civil servants.

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    (adapted from the newsletter of the P.S.C.F., October 1992 by Linda Choquette)



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