Believing that the Bible is the standard for working and living, the Public Service Christian Fellowship (PSCF) promotes Bible study, prayer and Christian fellowship directed towards learning and applying Christian principles in all areas of the public service. The fellowship is open to people from all Christian denominations who seek to find and make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives. As Christ's ambassadors we aspire to encourage brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ who work in the public service to walk in the light and to reach out to others.

    The PSCF has been in existence since 1979. Currently there are individual groups holding weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings at lunch time in many government departments and agencies (although during the pandemic this activity has moved online). Each group has one main focus and that is to love the Lord Jesus Christ and, through His love, to bring encouragement and spiritual growth to fellow Christians. The meetings also provide an outreach to those who do not know His love. Believing that God hears and answers prayer, PSCF members hold up their government, departments and co-workers in prayer, and seek God's guidance in their individual lives so they will glorify Him in their daily tasks.

    A paper on the early history of the PSCF was presented by Don Page, Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Trinity Western University, at a conference in May 1999 at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario. Don was one of the co-founders of the PSCF. The paper (in english), entitled "From Private to Public Religion: The History of the Public Service Christian Fellowship" is presented here.


Objectives   (want scripture references?)
  1. To be in the gap praying for the healing of Canada

  2. To stand firm in one Spirit and to hold out the Word of God

  3. To be ambassadors and disciple-makers for Christ in the Public Service of Canada



(picture @ top: pencil rendering of the Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa)




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