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The Public Service Christian Fellowship

encouraging believers who work in the public service to walk in the light and to reach out to others


Canada Post Corporation chapter

2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1
Doug Rochow

Tuesdays, 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m., N0360b (English)

The Christian Fellowship of Canada Post Employees was started in October 2007 by Olive Wairimu and is currently organized by Doug Rochow. We are an interdenominational group that faithfully meets all year round on Tuesday's from 12 noon to 1:00pm in room N0360b. We believe in the word of God and we strive to work out our salvation in the workplace in an effort to encourage our colleagues and bring the Good News to them through word and deed. We do both book and topical studies of the Bible as well as some organized programs such as the Alpha Course. At times, when the weather is conducive, we have our meetings in the park.

Our mandate as a fellowship is:

  1. We believe in the unity of the Body of Christ.
  2. We believe in the encouragement of saints in the workplace.
  3. We profess Christ in all our endeavors in the workplace so as to evangelize to unbelievers.
  4. We stand in the gap on behalf of the corporation.

We cherish fellowship with one another.(Hebrews 10:25)



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